Today, I attended a local hacker/developer weekend meetup event at the University of Aberdeen. This is the fifth iteration of the event, the previous one being around 3-4 months ago. Each time, there is a theme that the developers are encouraged to stick to. This time, it’s culture.

I arrived nice, early, and soaking wet due to the rain (which thankfully cleared up throughout the day). After a quick introduction, we began creating ideas around the theme. The main ideas that stuck out were a calendar system for arranging multiple events and ensuring they didn’t clash with each other, and an interactive music project involving MIDI. One team is using Unity to create a virtual version of Aberdeen and discover the past of our streets. There’s also an Oculus Rift floating around somewhere – I don’t know what that’s being used for yet (perhaps the virtual Aberdeen thing?).

The team I decided to join were working on creating a database of jazz musicians. Everyone got some jobs, and I was tasked with creating a Python script to import an XML file into a MySQL database (which I also created). I am also working on the PHP side of things – creating a front-end for users and an API for further developers.

Other team members are working on converting the unstructured Word document with the details of the musicians into an XML file for me to use. This is proving to be troublesome, but we’ll all be back together tomorrow morning and afternoon to do some additional work on the project. If any of you happen to be reading this, see you tomorrow!

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