I’m a little late with this post, as I was really tired after two days of hard work at CTC5 and had a good 12 hour sleep. Anyways, after the doors were opened, we all got back onto our laptops and continued with the development of our projects.

My team began working on getting more jazz musicians into XML format and then into the database. I worked on adding more tables to the database (separating the musicians from their instruments) while other team members converted the data. At the end of the day, we had nearly six thousand musicians (out of the total nine thousand) in the database, and a user interface design developed by another team member. I also worked on creating a PHP front end and API, and while I didn’t get everything finished before the end of the event, our team did manage to create a functional prototype.

Other teams worked hard on their projects too, and all of them gave some great presentations. It was awesome to see how fast development can be when a good team is put together. I learned so much about MySQL, PHP, and Python in the process, and I’m sure everyone else at the event learned something new too. A couple of the ideas of other teams have shown some real potential, and could be picked up and worked on by a larger team with more time and turned into something brilliant.

I would like to thank the event’s sponsors: The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen City Council, Fifth Ring, DANS-ON, and Eventifier. They helped pay for the food and drinks, and provided us with useful tools to help develop our ideas (such as Stattys Notes and marker pens).

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