I’ve been busy doing two things over the past week: playing The Witcher III (it’s awesome) and developing a WPF application for my dad. I originally built him a similar application years ago as part of my college course. The application allowed him to keep track of when he was offshore, and calculated his available days off and vacations for him. It was written in Java, and since I need to practice WPF, I decided to write a new one for him. I have chosen to call the new one “OffshoreCalCal” because it’s kinda like both a calculator and a calendar… get it?

A screenshot of OffshoreCalCal.

A beautiful screenshot of my WPF application.

So far, I have done the following:

  • Wrote a Python script to convert the old data to XML
  • Created classes to both load and save the data
  • Created the main UI using XAML
  • Used data binding to join the view with the view model
  • Avoided CodeBehind like the plague
  • Spent ages trying to get those little ellipses to show (when the text is too long)

I have yet to add a few things: buttons that do what they’re supposed to do, behind-the-scenes math stuff, a basic backup tool, an options window, some little dots of colour to help identify certain day types at a glance, performance enhancements to make the list load faster, and that dialog box that comes up when you try to close the window without saving. I’ve been at it for about a week (on and off), and I think I have made good progress and learned a lot from this. Hopefully another week and my dad can start using a beta version!

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