Aberdeen SoundSites was my very first paid project. The goal was to update an existing PHP application from using the Google Earth API to Google Maps. I worked very closely with a client to ensure I was doing what they wanted me to do, and to get the login details for a bunch of servers (seriously, there were 3 MySQL servers and two instances of WordPress running on the same site, I have no idea what was going on there).

Along the way, I noticed several other things that could be improved or changed easily, such as updating some of the database code and adding in a map clustering library to Google Maps to reduce clutter on the map. I also made some changes to the upload screen to make the process more user friendly.

After this was done, I told my client to get in touch if they had any problems – so far, no word from them, so I assume everything is running fine. This was my first peek into the world of PHP and WordPress, and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of getting the project done, even if it was a bit tough at the beginning.

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