Photograph of Code The City 5.

Code The City is a meetup that takes place around every 4 months, usually in Aberdeen, and involves a bunch of people meeting up, coming up with ideas, grouping into teams, and developing these ideas into prototypes, all in just two days. Generally, the weekend goes a bit like this:

  • Programmers, graphics designers, and anyone with a good idea are invited to join.
  • After arriving, introductions are given by each attendee.
  • Ideas are formed individually by participants, written onto notes, and stuck onto the wall.
  • These ideas are then voted on and grouped into clusters, and some people propose their ideas to the group.
  • Teams of around 4-6 people each are formed around the ideas.
  • For the rest of the weekend, these teams develop their ideas into a prototype.
  • Presentations are given by each team about halfway through the first day.
  • On the second day, another presentation is given by the teams about halfway through the day.
  • A final presentation is given by each team at the end of the event.

After the event is finished, the prototypes created during the event can then be picked up by larger teams or continued by the original teams to be worked on, eventually creating something closer to a final product. It’s simply amazing how quickly ideas written on the wall can be transformed into working prototypes in the space of two days, and how much one can learn from doing so.

I have made several friends as a result of these meetups, and hope to make more in the future. I also find the event very educational – for me, learning is a good reason to take part. And finally, I love helping out others, and this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

I have attended the following Code The City events:

  • Code The City 3
    • I helped create some user-friendly input forms for another team’s project.
  • Code The City 4
    • I had to leave halfway through day one due to a very bad and unfortunately timed cold.
  • Code The City 5

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