Still no job, so here I am doing more with my theme. I’ve added in the portfolio page now with some nice customization options too, including some randomly coloured portfolio blocks (when the pages don’t have images assigned to them) and an awesome library that allows me to have multi-line text overflow ellipses that no one will see because everyone uses screens with ridiculous resolutions nowadays! I also fixed a couple minor things mentioned in the previous post.

I have added a portfolio section to this site, go check it out if you want to see what I’ve been working on. Only one thing there at the moment unfortunately, but with time, that section will grow. I’m going to start work building a 3D printer soon, that’ll be going up there. I might also stick some of this theme development stuff there too, since I have spent a long time on it.

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  1. Surreily said:

    Another minor update: fixed some stuff with the rounded corners of the site, and made all page panels the same width. Also, I have been playing with some colour palettes:

    • Surreily said:

      I decided to go ahead and use those colours, with the exception of the red.

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