I have deployed an early version of the theme I am developing to this site. There are still issues (for example, one of the pages is using Bootstrap responsive grid parameters when it shouldn’t be). These issues will hopefully be fixed soon.

I’ve been busy implementing the WordPress customization API into the theme, so that I can change various things such as colours and text that would otherwise be hard-coded into the site. So far, the navigational bar at the top of the site, the posts/pages, the comments, and the footer are all able to be customized.

For those who are interested, the code is available here on Github. Don’t expect it to be amazing; I still need to work on it!

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  1. Surreily said:

    Update for those who are interested: I have just customized my theme to use some nice colours. I am not too happy with the blue colour though, I might replace it later with another shade of green, or maybe even something orangey.

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